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Gonna Give All My Secrets Away {Tamotsu's bio) Empty Gonna Give All My Secrets Away {Tamotsu's bio)

Post by Tamotsu on Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:50 pm

Gonna Give All My Secrets Away {Tamotsu's bio) 11jnspg
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nickname(s): Tamo (Friends) Tomato (Friends)  
age: 4 Years
sex: Male
birthday: Unknown sometime in spring.

complexion: Tamotsu is an Andalusian horse or Pure Spanish Horse or PRE. Like his breed he is strongly built, compact, elegant, and has a thick mane and tail. He is grey which is the common color of his breed, his height is 17.1 1⁄2 hands, and weighs 1,429 lb. He has black stockings on each leg, inside each ear is black, his mane and tail is a mixture of grey and white his tail tip is black. His ice blue eyes make way for his beautiful black markings around each eye, and on his muzzle lies a pink scar that never healed. Both his mane and tail are straight but have slight curls in them toward the end of each hair.
physical problems: None, he is healthy.
mental problems: None he is sane.
character: Tamotsu is quiet was raised by a elderly stallion. When he was old enough to join a bachelor herd with his brother. He soon departed the herd when other stallions were trying to dominate him however he did win the many battles he just didn't like all the power hungry stallions that he was around. He is usually bored with his wondering around and has been thinking of joining a herd one day or starting his own. However their are little to no single dams out their so he wants to join a herd later. He is calm and protective at times toward those he cares about, he is also kind and playful toward his friends. He also wants a purpose and wants to be well known he also doesn't have any sham and never really says anything false which can get him into trouble and start fights because of how honest he is. He also likes to tell stories about his life he also is sick of all the insincere.

historical events:

It was early spring, the time when blooming flowers littered the ground and their scents heavy in the air. Like most births it was early morning when it happened, his mother had entered labor and his father was somewhere mixed in with the colors of the herd. Star then gave birth to an grey and white colt that she named Shoku,
Gonna Give All My Secrets Away {Tamotsu's bio) Shoku10
Galaxy was there in time to see his newborn son. The colt soon stood up and ran around clumsy tripping over the smallest of things. However Star was not finished another colt came this one was named Tamotsu, which means guardian. He held strange markings just like his brother. However his seemed more complex around his eyes then his brother.

6 Months
The colts had now been weaned and had met nearly every member of their herd. Their herd wasn't too big nor was it too little. They had meet about 16 members all relatives. So of course they would have to leave when time had came, but the time was not yet here. They both had learned that their herd was named Legendary Secrets a herd that now has vanished, but that does not matter at the moment. They all seemed to have markings unlike most horses their markings seemed to focus on the face and sometimes the mane and tail, they also had normal horse markings.

The summer heat wasn't bad here and the often breeze would cool you down if you got hot. The two colts had met their 4 year older sister Nakalu who had grown off-spring of her own. Alnitak, their niece had been named after their Grandmother Alnilam. Rigel and Tau were their cousins the only ones that where colts with them but about 6 weeks older. Rigel's father was Shoku and Tamotsu's uncle Mintaka, Tau was half brothers with Rigel both sharing the same sire. Tau and Rigel had lead the two colts away from the herd to explore a little. Shoku and Tamotsu were a little worried but they had just been weaned and wanted to know what Rigel's and Tau's favorite thing to eat was. The grass was dry and the sky was now cloudy and dark, thunder could be heard from a close distance and the herd began to call the colts. This was when the cougar attacked, his first victim was Tau who he got quickly and easily. Usually they would stop once they had one but he came running toward Shoku and Tamotsu panicked and ran toward the cougar trying to scare it away from his brother. Rigel was too afraid and ran off in shock and panic he was running toward the herd and once he reached the herd. BANG! A lightning bolt hit the dry grass and just like that the fire grew, eating everything in it's path like a hungry lion. This separated Tamotsu and Shoku from their herd, but the cougar was not done when Tamotsu reared up and came back down the cougar slammed his huge paw in his face as his claws ripped his skin on his muzzle and threw him away. Shoku reared up when the cougar tripped to slap him but when he came back down the cougar slapped his nose, his claws raked his skin and sent Shoku screaming but he wasn't about to give up. He stood back up, but this time Tamotsu sprinted to block the next hit from the cougar this time it knocked him out and his face was dripping with blood. Shoku turned and kicked the cougar in the face with his hooves, but the cougar didn't give up. Now another thunderclap seemed to wake up Tamotsu who shook his head and was saw the cougar, who had just injured his brother's leg. Rain now seemed to pour down but the fire seemed to rage on, Tamotsu was now drenched in rain ran in-front of his brother and flattened his ears as his head bent insistently to protect his neck and a puff of white cloud came from his nostrils as the air seemed to chill him even with the fire that seemed to do little help with the cold icy drops of rain that slapped his skin repeatedly. His hooves lifted and began to hit the cougar he even bit it as hard as he could but that just seemed to piss of the cat even more so it hissed and jumped toward him aiming for a bite. Shoku grunted and pushed his brother out of the way before kicking the cougar with his hind-legs, which hit the cougar in the mouth and knocked out one of his fangs. The cougar cried out with pain and dug his claws deeply into the neck of colt before running off and dragging Tau off with him. Shoku and Tamotsu were so tired that they fell asleep a few feet from the fire, they didn't want to leave their herd and they figured the fire would be out the next day.

The Next Day
Shoku and Tamotsu woke up at the same time, they looked around quickly and saw no predators in site so they walked over toward the now dead and burnt grass and shrubs that the fire had burned. They looked around but couldn't see any of their herd. They followed the burnt grass that had circled their herd and filled in the gap. "Oh no..." Shoku had said with a breaking voice, "Their dead." a blunt and smooth yet elderly voice had finished. Tamotsu looked around but didn't say anything, "Who are you old timer? And what are you doing here?! This is our territory!" Shoku confronted the stallion who towered over him. The stallion was white like a ghost kind-of and his eyes grey.
"You can call me Ghost, just wondering around, oh really? Looks like your herd is dead so how can the territory still remain with them? If it does then that means that their territory has left with them. You two should be careful around here many mountain lions. I'm sure a bachelor herd will be coming here to try and pick up any females." Ghost said with a flick of his tail and began to walk into the forest then only paused to speak, "I suggest you come along if you want to live." Then he continued walking. Tamotsu quickly trotted after the stallion and Shoku narrowed his eyes before rolling them and followed after his brother with a limp.

w.i.p (more to come Very Happy)

family: Listed below but all are dead except perhaps Shoku and/or Rigel.
Dam;; His mother was Star.
Sire;; His father was Galaxy.
Brother(s);; Shoku
Sister(s);; Nakalu
Grandmother;; Alnilam
Grandfather;; Orion
Aunt(s);; None/Unknown
Uncle(s);; Mintaka
Children;; None.
Nephew(s);; Bellatrix
Niece(s);; Alnitak
Cousin(s);;  Saiph, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Tau, and Glimpse.

breed: Andalusian horse or Pure Spanish Horse or PRE.
weaknesses: get's bored easily, his large size, and when he tells the truth.
strengths: His large size, speed, he is able to jump over things, paranoid at times, and intimidation.
habits: Looking around for predators before and after sleep.

herd?: Loner for now.
loner/rouge?: Loner for now...
click it to zoom in and stuff. :3

mate: No one has been able to catch him yet.
crush: No one has yet caught his heart or his eyes.
friends: None yet.
foes: How can a mate-less horse have any foals?

theme song: Secrets by One Republic  

other characters?: Nope just this one.
extras?: None
secret answer?: Silver Bullet

how did you find us?:Wolf Island

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Gonna Give All My Secrets Away {Tamotsu's bio) Empty Re: Gonna Give All My Secrets Away {Tamotsu's bio)

Post by Naula on Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:53 pm

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