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Cyttelian Herd Stats
Lead Mare: Epona ♀
Lead Stallion: GrimReaper ♂
Mares: 2
Stallions: 1
Fillies: 0
Colts: 0
Pregnant Mares:

Sanatorio Herd Stats
Lead Mare: Open
Lead Stallion: Delian ♂
Mares: 5
Stallions: 1
Fillies: 1
Colts: 0
Pregnant Mares: 

Loners/Rouges Stats
Fillies:  0
Colts: 0
Pregnant Mares: 
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Ocean breeze (Open)

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Ocean breeze (Open)

Post by RosePuppy on Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:56 pm

Smallfly trampled toward the ocean and stumbled over when she was almost there. She quickly rose up and this time trotted slower. She splashed in the ocean water,  the salty scent making her sneeze. She jumped and splashed and played. The mud on her legs and hooves was washing off. She waded to a deeper place and splashed there. It was even more fun! She had heard of horses swimming, and wondered if she could try it. She always wanted to be like the fish! Her stomach rumbled and she thought of her mother. Maybe she could try grazing? Oh well, she could attempt to graze later, now she jumped and splashed in the small waves.

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