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Advertising & Affiliating Rules

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Advertising & Affiliating Rules Empty Advertising & Affiliating Rules

Post by Delian on Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:50 pm

I'm glad your wanting to advertise or affiliate with us but first there are some rules that need to be met before you put up your ad or request to be affiliates.

Advertising Rules

- Make sure your board is guest friendly!, meaning we can post external links.

- No double posting Ads! The extra ads will be deleted. So please look before you post.

- your site should not have any porn, sexual, inappropriate stuff on it or your Ad will be deleted!

- Fantasy, semi-realistic, and or realistic sites are all welcome to post an advertisement.

- Make sure you view your Ad weekly in case a user ask's a question.

- Make sure your still following Forumotions rules as well the EL's main ground rules.

Affiliating Rules

- Your button should not go over the traditional size which is 88x31 pixels. We will not accept your button if it's over its limit or below it. Also we will not accept your button if you haven't put ours up first.

- If you take down our button and we find out we'll do the same until ours is back up.

- Only Affiliate with us if there is an "open" space where we can put your button.

- We do not provide your button for you. That is not our responsibility but yours.

- Use the code below if your requesting.

- Don't just assume we accepted your request cause we may not, so stay in contact.

- In order to be an Affiliate you must have 10 registered users or 5-6 active members.


[b]Staff:[/b](who's your staff)
[b]Total amount of members:[/b]
[b]How many active members?:[/b]
[b]Button code[/b]
[b]How long will it take to put our button up?[/b]
[b]Site link:[/b](just to ensure that your site is appropriate)
[b]Extras:[/b](anything you have to add?)

Just delete anything in () as well make sure this code is fully filled out!

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