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Dil, Dilly, Del, or Ian

Latin & Greek



October 9th

Delian isn't that hard to tell apart from any other black stallion, one of the reasons are his eyes. They are a dark emerald green with flecks of blue in them, strange huh? Another distinct feature is the jagged scar on his chest, a mark of a memory he hates. Delian has a thick body mass that's packed with healthy muscles, he's in fit but this slows him in running. He may be a slow runner but he is a superb swimmer, never minding the water. His movements are graceful and evenly timed. His main body color is an obsidian black, his skin sleek and soft. When the sun shines on him his body has a glare that shines on his black hide.

Delian's feet are covered in hair called feathering. It's not thick unlike his wavy black mane. This stallion does have a narrow cranium compared to his bulky build but he's not just bulk. It is slim helping him maneuver easier and more casually. He can keep up a steady trot but only run short distances even though his legs are long.

physical problems:
He has a lame leg but it hardly affects him.

mental problems:

Sexy and dangerous isn't half of Delian. Let's just say he's a bad boy, charming and cute, he's a stallion that was broken by another mare. Even though he may seem a bit ruthful or dark he can be a good guy. He's just got his feelings all bounded up and locked in a chest. Delian is always fearful of letting someone in for the fear of rejection. This stallion has suffered through many losses and is secretly is wanting his big brother. At first sight Delian may seem calm and welcoming-- a fancy trick he likes to pull; but he's only fooling you unless your smart enough to not fall for it.

The onyx colored male has always had a dark side, one that can be evoked by actions from others. When it comes to his feelings and you decide to rip out his heart, rejecting him, he may be a cruel stallion ready to make you feel his pain that you caused him, though vengeance isn't a thing Delian dwells on. He tries to find out what he did wrong for you to reject him and try to fix it the best he can. He isn't very judgy and doesn't care what others think about him unless he had some kind connection with you. Delian can get mad very easily but he is sly on his actions, he will use your own words against you and provoke you into an attack, hoping you would be blind with rage. The stallion can fight dirty if need be and won't go down without a fight.

Delian is charming and at times flirtatious to a mare. But don't be fooled he could be very devious at his actions. Even though he may seem like a bad guy he has his soft sides. It's rare to see Delian happy but if you watch closely you can tell that the stars and Dawn evoke another stallion, one who's happy with himself and carefree once more. If he ever learns to love he can be a big sweetheart towards you, be his friend and he'll try not to let you down. He would never let another horse die if he truly cares for your well being but he would gladly watch you burn if you ever got on his devil side.

historical events:
Long ago a mare named Melody carried two foals, extreamly rare upon her case. Her mate Adan was a proud stallion that judged the weak and thought only the strong deserved to live. Though he had a dark and twisted personality he loved his mate dearly and would do anything to protect her...

First Beaths
"There coming!" A young colt neighed in delight as he announced Melody's labor. Many of the horses whinnied in delight to their new herd members. A large chestnut brown stallion grunted as he heard the arival of his foals, "where is she, Posidian?" His grunt was directed to the young coalt. "Over there, she's over there!" His head bobbed in the direction of a mound of tall grass, beyond those marks you could just make out a dark colored shape. Adan trotted over his large hooved making a 'thud' each time they met the earth. Once he reached his mate, a foal was born, then another showed, "twins!" Adan gasped at the sight before him, "whats their names?"

"Well, that one-" Melody pointed to a black faced colt, "is GrimReaper, Grim for short. And the other is Delian." She nuzzled the forelocks of the two colts. Getting up did she look down on them, coaching them to stand. Grim had little trouble to get up on all fours, his legs already strong and healthy. On the other hand Delian had trouble, one hoof was crippled causing him to have trouble to stand. Each time the newborn colt tried to stand he just fell on his knees. His troubles attracted the attention of the herd, expecially his father who had a disapproved look on his face. Exhaustion soon fell on the colt making him give up. "What a weakling!" The two colts father bellowed, "he isn't strong enough to survive! We leave at Dawn, if he can manage to stand and keep up with the herd then lucky him.. He's not my son. " Adan grunted as he turned around and walked away with the rest of the herd. Melody looked down at Delian and Grim, joining in laying down besides them sleep falling over the small herd as the stares climbed the sky.

Dawn. Dawn came and the herd was up and Adam already to get going. Delian's eyes were wide open, watching what the fuss was all about. His brother was already up and on the move, leaving Delian and Melody in his dust. "Come on, you can do it!" Melody whinnied softly to her son, nudging him up by his rump. Delian grunted with the effort to stand and fell a few times before finally standing. The herd was already a good few miles before them. Melody called to her spouse to stop as she nudged Delian in the direction of the herd, luckly the chestnut stallion listend to the calls of his mate, waiting for the two to catch up. Having some mild diffuculties Delian sslowed down the herd, lagging behind. His mother staied by with along with his brother, "Delian come on you can do it! Posidian is up there! I wanna chatch up to him!" Grim bucked slightly as he bounced trying to contain his energy. "Well... go up there then, I'll be right behind you!" Delian said to his brother as he dashed off to the others. The black colts ears flicked in sadness that his brother would so freely leave, "mother... why does father not pay attention to me? Is it because of my leg? Did I do something wrong to offend him." The young colt asked as he tried to walk a bit faster, "no he doesn't hate you," she lied, "I know he ignores you but he still loves you. Don't ever think that he hates you." Melody replied but she could tell that Delian didn't believe her.

Ever since that day he talked with his mother he worked harder, using his splaied hoof more often to dig up oats, he started to trot on it more and swimmed. Delian even tried to get recongized by his sire, but that didn't work well. His father chased him off, away from the herd, Adan became more protective of Melody, believing Delian was weaking his own mother, "Adan stop! He's not doing anything wrong to me! It's just a cold." Melody snickered at her mate as she got in the way of him chasing Delian to the back of the herd. Her cold was terrible, every time she ran she weezed, she got tired more often and lagged behind with Delian and Grim by her side.
Both colts where already 1 year of age, both at their mothers shoulder, Delian slightly taller then his brother. Adan just snorted at her comment before turning around, giving a dark look at Delian.

The Smell of Smoke
At the age of 3 both colts grew into young stallions. Their mother, Melody got over her cold and Adan seemed less hostile to Delian yet still specilized in Grim as Melody specialized in Delian. Though she loved both brothers equlally she did pay more attention to Delian, watching for any signs of his lame leg. Delian seemed to like his splayed foot more then ever since it grew stornger by the days. The two brothers grew closer ever since Delian could keep up with their older cousin, Poseidon. A dark brown 3 year old stallion with a white splash over his eye. Still being young Grim and Delian raced each other, Grim always winning. One night the herd slept peacefully but Delian. He always stayed up late to watch the stares climb the sky. This is what he did to find some kind of peace and reassurance for the up coming days of abuse from his father. Though this night was different, it was the dry season, everything fighting for water to survive. On this ngiht man was in the forest on a camping trip an unatendi




GrimReaper|Twin brother|oldest





Feral| in another herd

Not yet

not that he knows of

not that he knows of


Nakota Horse

His feelings, death, rejection

Fighting, Swimming, Blending with the night, hidding his emotions.

He tends to wake early in the morning to watch the sun rise. His ears also flick when he's mad.

Sanatorio Herd


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Never got the chance

Lost her

nobody really unless you can find a way to open me up.

His brother and any challenging stallion or mare

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Louder then Thunder by The Devil Wears

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