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Horse Terms

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Post by Epona on Sun Jul 06, 2014 6:22 pm

Terms for horse ages and genders

Foal: A baby horse or pony still at its mothers side.
Weanling: A horse under one years old that has been weaned from his mother.
Yearling: A horse just approaching or just turning one years old.

Mare: A female horse over 3 years old.
Dam: The mother of the horse.
Filly: A female horse under 3 years old.

Stallion: A male horse over 3 years old that has not been castrated.
Sire: The father of a horse.
Colt: A male horse under 3 years old that has not been castrated.

Horse Movements

Jog: Slow trot
Trot: Two-beat gait.
Lope/Canter: Three-beat gait.
Gallop: The fastest a horse can run. A three-beat gait.
Buck: When a horse jumps upwards and arches his back.
Rear: When a horse goes back onto it's hind legs.

Other Terms

In Season: When a mare is in heat.
Rogue: A horse with a bad temper.

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