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Fillies: 1
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Post by shuffle on Wed Nov 26, 2014 2:23 am

[div align="center"][font size="3"]REBIRTH[/font][/div]

[font size="1"][div align="center"]The times are trying.
A great plague has swept the lands, wiping all those out that once called the majestic lands home.
It's been decades since a single hoof has set foot inside the borders...[/div]

[blockquote][blockquote]A few brave souls - young stallions and mares - have heard the tales of the Great Plague the stole the lives of so many. They long to visit the lands. To see the place so many before them called home. They have traveled hundreds of miles in search of a place their parents called Galloping Free.

[blockquote]Just think... You could stand where so many magnificent equines stood before you. Rule over lands that were once home to horses of legend. Love another, just as they loved each other...[/blockquote][/blockquote]

These brave - or foolish - horses, some just barely reaching adult age, have set out to do just that. Will you join them, or will you cower behind your dam, waiting to hear their fate? Will you join the rebirth?[/blockquote][/font]

[font size="2"]Enter [a href=""]Galloping Free 2[/a][/font]

[font size="1"]
[ul type="circle"]
[li]Very friendly staff and members[/li]
[li]Small post count - only 200 words![/li]
[li]Plenty of chances for major and minor plots[/li]
[li]No character limit![/li]



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