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Herd Statics
Cyttelian Herd Stats
Lead Mare: Epona ♀
Lead Stallion: GrimReaper ♂
Mares: 2
Stallions: 1
Fillies: 0
Colts: 0
Pregnant Mares:

Sanatorio Herd Stats
Lead Mare: Open
Lead Stallion: Delian ♂
Mares: 5
Stallions: 1
Fillies: 1
Colts: 0
Pregnant Mares: 

Loners/Rouges Stats
Fillies:  0
Colts: 0
Pregnant Mares: 
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Dog Island RPG

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Dog Island RPG Empty Dog Island RPG

Post by Nim11 on Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:59 pm

Dog Island RPG 2sbl743
Always Accepted Members! Dog island is based off of a island inwhich dogs now took over, come have all the fun with us untill destruction hits.


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