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Killian The Flirt Empty Killian The Flirt

Post by Killian on Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:22 am


nickname(s): He prefers Killian, though some may call him 'Kill' for short.
age: Four years of age.
sex: Stallion
birthday: Unknown

Killian has a well built body. With toned muscles that lace his very bones, he has powerful brute-like strength. His coat color is a dirty looking, murky brown. Some light spots can be located along his body; though most of it seems to look like he's permanently covered in dirt. His mane is mainly a deep black, though some browns lurk in; trying to lace themselves into his body, wanting to be noticed.

physical problems: ---
mental problems:---

Killian is an aggressive male. He has a short temper; in which can be triggered by giving him just one wrong look. His respect for others is usually always low; as to make it high would take major efforts, that few put into him. Killian is very stubborn, as once his mind is set to something, you'll never be able to undo it without a battle. Towards females, Killian is nothing but a flirt. He'll charm his way around them, wanting to lure them in, and become close. He tends to use them, toying around and breaking their little hearts. Killian finds it quite amusing at times, and other times he does it just for the cruel aspect of it. Being  rebellious, Killian hates to follow rules that are set. He loves breaking them, along with wondering around on his own free will, even if that means walking into another herd's land. Altogether, unlocking a loving, kind stallion out of him, seems impossible. But it could happen, if one day he ever met a female whom stood up to him enough, and matched his personality just to the right extent, that they could tolerate one another to be together.

historical events:
Born with only his mother, Killian and her lived as loners together for a long time. They would stick close; forming bonds that seemed nearly impossible to create. As time continued, his mother continued aging, just like he did. When Killian was born; his mother was already at an old age, as she knew she would have only about four to five years with her son. As saddening as it was; she kept this fact a secret from her son, letting Killian think the old grey's on her coat was just how she was colored.
Growing wiser, he soon caught on. Furious with her lying, Killian yelled at her. The two got into a verbal fight, nothing physical came in between them, for if Killian ever hurt his own mother, he'd be devastated and ashamed of himself. As the fight began to come to a close, Killian decided to leave and take a walk, wanting to relax with the silence. His mother didn't object, as she let it happen, knowing it was for the best.
As Killian was out wondering, his mother began to felt weakened. Knowing what was happening, she decided to run away, and leave Killian. Not wanting him to think, nor see her death, and rather think she decided to be on her own. It wasn't the wisest choice, but she knew it would have to do. As Killian returned to where he had last seen his mother, worry set in as he couldn't see her in his sight. Killian wondered the land, searching for her over a million times, though never finding her. With this, Killian presumed she joined a herd, and left him on his own.

All on his own.

family: Only his mother.
Dam;; Haze - Deceased.
Sire;; Unknown

breed:Rocky Mountain Horse
weaknesses:Emotions, knowledge, groups.
strengths:Strength, battle skills, well on own.

herd?: Loner
loner/rouge?: Loner
Killian The Flirt Killian_zps0853e5b2


theme song:---
other characters?: Chriselda
extras?: Epp, nope.
secret answer?: This member has posted the correct secret answer and it has been removed for the fair joining of others. - Naula

how did you find us?:I've already joined, just another char ;3

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Killian The Flirt Empty Re: Killian The Flirt

Post by GrimReaper on Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:25 am

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